Things That Can Hamper Your Umrah Pilgrimage

Visiting the Mecca and its Masjidil Haram outside of the Hajj pilgrimage for worshipping Allah is called Umrah. It’s true that this type of deed isn’t mandatory like the Hajj, but the immense reward from Allah will be given to those who can do this deed sincerely for getting the Mercy and more love from our Lord. However, even though it isn’t as necessary as the Hajj, it doesn’t mean that this special deed can be underestimated, it’s because there are actually several things that can hamper your Umrah pilgrimage. In the meantime, we also recommend you to check out one of the best umrah packages near your area.

1. Spending too much time shopping

It’s true that the Middle Eastern countries are famous for their shopping districts, trinkets, and also souvenirs. That’s why there are usually so many pilgrims who want to buy many things once they reach the big cities in Arab such as Mecca and also Medina. However, remember that your main purpose to go there is to do your Umrah, so make sure you only buy the worldly things after you’ve finished your Umrah pilgrimage completely.

2. Visiting too many tourist destinations

It’s understandable that for some people, visiting another country, especially the middle eastern ones can be a rare chance. Nevertheless, don’t late the urge to visiting interesting places turn yourself away from worshipping Allah the lord of all creations in the Holyland of Mecca. As long as you’ve got more spare time and also choose the right Umrah travel agency, you can always enjoy visiting tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia later on.

3. Not preparing your necessities

If you really want a smooth and convenient umrah pilgrimage, make sure you prepare all the things you will need there. It’s not just about the basic necessities such as passport and worldly things, but you also need to know the proper attire and the right knowledge that can help you to do your Umrah properly.