These Are the Advantages of Using Lightweight Concrete

The process of building construction starts using concrete as a base material. This is because the price is affordable. Besides that the concrete has high durability, making it suitable for making large-scale buildings. Interest in the use of concrete starts to emerge other types of concrete, one of which is lightweight concrete. As the name implies, this type of concrete is lighter than the usual concrete.

Lightweight concrete has a raw material consisting of cement, water, lime, silica mixed with the developer, then processed at a water vapor pressure. Even though it has strong physical resistance, lightweight concrete cannot avoid cracking. When cracks occur in concrete walls, you should call professional services such as block wall Phoenix to handle cracked concrete walls.

Judging from the physical, lightweight concrete does weigh no more than ordinary concrete. Following are the advantages of using lightweight concrete in building construction:

– Easy to stick
Lightweight concrete does not require mortar like red bricks because there is a special cement that is used to glue concrete without a mixture of sand. Without sand, the construction work will be cleaner. Usually, there is a mixture of cement and sand that makes the road slippery, now the work area is safer.

– The panel is easily formed
Lightweight concrete beams are very easy to form. The cutting is not difficult and very accurate, so it can meet the needs of any type of building. Cutting lightweight concrete panels does not require special tools. We can use a saw to cut it. It’s easy, right?

– The size is very accurate
Accurate size will produce the right development calculation because lightweight concrete uses a special machine that produces a size between panels that are similar to each other. In addition, lightweight concrete panels are easily adapted to the needs of development, so that their use can be used as much as possible. This is also a factor saving the cost of building construction.