A woman is a figure that is never separated from a man’s life. Women are gentle people who think with feelings, so they are more sensitive, and easier to feel sad. When sad, it’s not uncommon for a woman’s mood to become bad and even backfire for you. Aside from that, check out Sad Shayari if you need a nice social network for sharing your sad stories.

Of course, you must be very clever when your girl is feeling sad. Don’t just leave it alone. Well, here are some sweet things you can do when a woman is struck by sadness, let’s see!

Give meaningful little entertainment

You should be able to calm and melt the atmosphere bro after he told his complaint, maybe by changing the subject to an exciting thing he likes, or you can act a little silly, the point is you have to be able to make him smile sweetly and slightly remove the burden of his mind.

Give a warm hug

When a man hugs a woman he loves, he will do it with full warmth, tenderness and a feeling of protection. This makes a woman much calmer, happier, feels warmer even protected, a hug is a sign of affection, and a warm hug from the person she loves can be a source of strength for a woman.