A quality film certainly has a good rating. Because the rating of a film is usually made based on the quality of a film. A good film will certainly have a high rating. The audience also usually sees the rating first before deciding to watch it. In ShowBox you will be able to see a movie rating or a review of a movie so you can determine which movie you will watch.

In a movie rating, there is usually a code where the code shows who can watch the film.

1. General Audience (GA)
Films with this category are usually films that can be watched by all ages. Rating “G” is really not a film for children. Some language snippets may go beyond polite conversation but that is an ordinary everyday expression. There are no “excessive” words that appear in the movie “G”.

2. Parental Guidance Suggested (PG)
Some of the contents of this film category may not be suitable for children and need parental guidance to watch it.