Of course, if the baby’s uniform looks dirty, the parents will also get a bad impression. Moreover for children, of course, they have not paid attention to their appearance. So that parents should pay attention to the appearance of the child as well as possible, including in terms of maintaining the child’s uniforms for school.

While the children’s uniforms that often look dirty are on the armpits and neck because this is the part that often produces more sweat when compared to other limbs. Meanwhile, to clean the uniform of the child from stains and dirt that sticks can also be done in an easy way provided you know the procedure for cleaning it in the right way. What’s more for stains that are often difficult to clean You don’t need to worry anymore.

The following are procedures that you can do to make your child’s school uniform avoid stubborn stains or other impurities, as follows:

Separate ordinary clothes with the child’s white uniform. Get used to not mixing white clothes with other clothes when washing them.

Prepare hot water in the bucket.

Pour detergent as usual.

Stir until the detergent dissolves into the water.

Soak the uniform for a while then check it on the uniform, stained and dirty part, if you clean it less clean, then you can brush it in the stained uniform part.

Then rinse uniformly with clean water.