Recognize Factors for Erosion

Soil erosion can occur naturally or by humans. Soil erosion can also cause damage to forests around the environment. the size of the event is very dependent on several factors such as climatic factors that greatly affect the occurrence of soil erosion. Season changes, wind speed, rainfall intensity, the frequency of occurrence of storms, and the average temperature of an area can be factors that cause soil erosion. Areas that have a high frequency of rainfall and areas that have a frequency of storms and more intense wind exposure will experience erosion more easily. The occurrence of soil erosion is also strongly influenced by the geological conditions of an area such as land slope, land length, rock type, sediment type, and land permeability. The steeper an area, the greater the energy of the water to transport soil materials. Good vegetation will help reduce the strength of rainwater to destroy the soil, namely by preventing it from falling directly to the surface of the soil. For this, you must pay attention to the strength of the land and return it. How to? The trick is to contact hydromulching near me.

Soil erosion causes the top layer of the soil surface to thin out. The occurrence of soil erosion will have a considerable impact, both on the origin of erosion (on-site) and elsewhere. The impact that can be felt due to erosion can cause substantial material and non-material losses. For this reason, actions need to be taken to protect the soil from erosion, especially in hilly areas and to have steep slopes. With these efforts, it is expected to be able to improve the ability of the soil so that plants can thrive, protect water sources, and can prevent landslides.

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