How to save the pool water

If you are a pool owner, you might be wondering how to preserve water in your pool. This is important both for the function of the swimming pool or for preserving natural resources on our earth. Saving water is very important and we have to do it. If you need help, you can contact pool companies in lexington sc.

Leaks in your pool are one of the fastest causes of reducing water content in swimming pools. Even a small leak can drain the pool quickly, so a lot of water is wasted. Check all parts of your pool regularly for signs of leakage if you need to call a swimming pool renovation service. If you see your pool water level often going down, you can do a test to find out if the water loss is caused by leakage or evaporation.

Turn off the fountain if you don’t need it

If you have guests in a villa or hotel, you might want to show off the swimming pool with all its features. Fountains, waterfalls, lighting and other water features. But instead, turn off all these features when the pool is not used. This will prevent unnecessary evaporation, and will also save power!

Keep the water level a little lower

If your pool is often used, sparks can produce a lot of water flowing to the edges and out of the pool. You don’t want to stop enjoying the pool, so consider keeping the water level a few centimeters lower to prevent excessive spills while swimming.

Design your landscape to extinguish evaporation

Evaporation occurs faster when the wind moves across the surface of the water. Placing bushes, trees or other landscape elements around the pool can keep them protected from the wind. Not only that, beautiful landscaping gives you a comfortable atmosphere and can even make more privacy.