How big is the impact of obesity on bones?

According to Dr. Michael Drey, M.Sc. an osteosarcopenia expert, from Medizinische Klinik und Polyclinic IV, at Klinikum der Universitat Munchen, osteosarcopenic obesity is thought to be the most important concern in the future, because there are three health conditions that are one at a time. The three conditions are osteoporosis (bone loss), sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), and obesity. Apart from that, try the mediterranean diet meal plan if you want to have a healthier and a more enjoyable diet.

According to Jasminka Ilich-Ernst, a professor of nutrition at Florida State University, obesity not only makes the body of people at high risk of having heart and blood vessel health problems, but also causes bone problems. Indeed, most studies look at the effects of obesity on metabolic cases compared to cases in bone. However, the impact of obesity on bones cannot be underestimated.

Ilich-Ernst says that fat tissue has a negative impact on bone density, muscle strength, and also increases the effects of inflammation. Moreover, fat in Peru is more toxic than in other parts.

Lifestyle changes are one of the ways that can prevent or delay the occurrence of osteosarcopenic obesity so that the body weight can be maintained in balance and the risk of experiencing problems in the bones and muscles is smaller. There is no specific treatment or medication in this case, other than by maintaining food and exercise intake.