Get to know some of the liquids contained in electronic cigarettes

The number of people who consume cigarettes does tend to prefer to use types of cigarettes which they consider safer. One type of cigarette that is currently considered safer is e-sigarett . In fact, there are already many people who consume these types of cigarettes compared to other types of cigarettes. Indeed there are many types of cigarettes to choose from, but electronic cigarettes certainly never lose fans.

Different from other types of cigarettes that require fire from matches, electric cigarettes work by heating the liquid in the tube and then producing steam like smoke which generally contains various chemicals. In electronic cigarettes, of course you will breathe a variety of these ingredients from inside. In electronic cigarettes, there is some liquid contained. Some of the liquids in question are

1. The content that serves to produce water vapor is propylene glycol or glycerin. However, the inhalation of propylene glycol can cause respiratory tract irritation in some individuals.

2. Nicotine is found in different concentrations, between 0-100 mg/ml in one e-cigarette.

3. Enhancers, such as chocolate, vanilla, fruits, and others, so that electric smoker can enjoy certain sensations in each of their suction.

4. Another component is TSNA or tobacco-specific nitrosamine. TSNA is a carcinogen compound found in tobacco and tobacco cigarettes. Small amounts of nitrosamines are found in e-cigarette liquids. The higher the nicotine level, the higher the TSNA level. In addition to TSNA, metal compounds such as chromium, nickel and tin are also found.

So far, evidence shows that e-cigarettes may be safer than ordinary cigarettes. The biggest danger of tobacco cigarettes is smoke, and electric cigarettes do not burn tobacco so they do not produce smoke but water vapor. Research shows that the levels of harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes are a small part of the content in tobacco cigarettes.