FIFA Standard for Futsal Ball

An easy way to distinguish a good futsal ball or not by looking at its characteristics. The characteristics of a quality futsal ball can be seen from its size such as how much the ball, diameter of the circle, how high the reflection of the ball, and so forth. The standard futsal ball for official matches usually has the words “Fifa Approved” on the surface of the ball. The size of a standard international futsal ball for an official match has the same shape as a soccer ball that is equally round. It’s just that the futsal ball is slightly different when compared to the soccer ball, which has the characteristics and special design where the futsal ball is more used in a closed room or indoor so it has a lower reflection. Besides that there are also some things that distinguish between the ball futsal with the ball for football, be it about the size, weight of the ball, diameter, materials, and so on. Visit our website to get the

Futsal ball that conforms to the provisions or rules of FIFA are:

• The ball must be round.
• Made of leather or other materials.
• The ball circle has a minimum size of 62 cm and a maximum of 64 cm.
• The ball weight at the start of the game is minimum 400 grams and maximum 440 grams.
• The pressure is equal to 0.4 to 0.6 atmospheres (400 – 600 g / cm³).
• Ball reflections should not be less than 50 cm and should not be more than 65 cm when the first reflections are dropped from a height of 2 meters

The ball is said to be in the game at any time including when:
– The ball bounces off the goalpost or bounces off the crossbar into the playing field,
– The ball bounces after touching the referee
– The minimum height of the ceiling in the futsal field is 4 meters and should be required in the competition rules. If the ball is about the ceiling when the ball is inside the game, then the match begins to return with an inside kick carried on by the opposing team from the last one touching the ball. The onside kick is carried from the spot in the nearest field below where the ball is about the ceiling.