Because a good quality of life starts from a place to live

Organizing the Florence Residences area firmly also means putting furniture in the best position, so that the room remains neat and feels spacious at the same time. There are a few tips that you can do the following:

In the living room, place the sofa close to the wall so that there is no scattering of space. Choose an elongated glass table in front of the sofa so that space use is more efficient. Do not place the sofa or chair too much or separate separately in the room. Put it tight and elongated, more people can occupy and space efficiency.

Minimize Bulkhead

Insulating the room in arranging the Florence Residences condo might make the space function clearer. But this can make the room narrower because it has to allocate space for the barrier. When arranging a condo, just leave the rooms to flow so that the view becomes more spacious. You can remove the partition of the family room and dining room for example, or the dining room and kitchen.

In arranging a condo, to distinguish two rooms without a partition you can use different colors of the floor or carpet. This can be simply interpreted as a barrier. You can freely organize your condo and mix concepts between rooms so that, overall, your condo seems to have a whole and clear concept.

Install Wallpaper

No doubt the wall is one of the important elements in managing the Florence Residences condo. The color of the wall can affect the concept and beauty of the room when arranging the condo. In arranging a small condo, choose neutral or bright colors like white, blue, green, or yellow so that the room looks more spacious. Dark colors are not recommended because they tend to make the room feel cramped.

We recommend that you adjust the paint color with the color of furniture in the room. This is because it is easier to find wall paint colors rather than furniture colors. So that the walls of the room are not easily dirty, you can use waterproof paint. In addition to choosing wall paint colors, you can also organize your Florence Residences condo in beautifying the room using wallpaper. The variety of styles will make your condo wall look more beautiful and neat.