Apply For The Job At The Right Time To Get More Chance For Interview Call

When submitting a job application letter, CV is the initial determinant of interest from the dream company that is being applied. Well, in fact, the time factor when you send your application letter will also determine whether you succeed in getting a dream career or not. In order not to misstep, send your application letter and CV at the right time. Sure, knowing the right time to submit the application job even when going online to direct gov uk jobcentre plus is important.

A study in the United States stated that 30 percent of job application letters that enter the beginning of the week or Monday tend to be a major concern and become a good first step towards the next employee selection. The reason is simple because it is the first day, so many other applications have not been entered. Be, you can be a priority and can be read by them first.

According to research results, there is only around 14 percent of applicants who submit applications on weekends that can succeed and enter the next recruitment stage. Saturday is considered the worst day of seven days a week. The reason, most likely the HRD and its staff are constrained by limited time to discuss the recruitment of new employees. Be, the application letter that goes to the end of the week will tend to be ignored.

Some studies also show that there are more possibilities for those emails to be reciprocated at times above. Its potential even reaches up to 45%. Because, at the times mentioned earlier, recruiters are still not too busy with their respective activities. So, hopefully, they will be able to focus more on reading your CV and job application and are interested in considering you.

If government companies usually check e-mails only until Friday night, companies in the fields mentioned above do not do the same. The work time of recruiters in the arts or another creative world can be said to be more flexible and creative. That’s why you are advised to send applications on weekends. To distract yourself from the stress of work, your email might be the center of attention.